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2015 Adventure Textiles Collection and the Marsala Series


Follow my adventures in natural dyes

2015 Adventure Textiles Collection and the Marsala Series

Megan Roach

The 2015 Adventure Textiles collection has been released!  I created a few new pieces to go with the popular bandana cowl and side snap cowl.  I designed a baltic style woven bow set and a woven cuff.  I've also begun to learn how to card weave and now I have a woven belt and key clip that utilizes that technique.  A new cotton summer cowl has also been added to the line up and it features an open work leno style weave.  

I've decided to work with different color series within the 2015 collection.  The first color series is the Marsala Series.  This series was inspired by the the large dye study that Elyse Welcher and I did in January.  We achieved our goal of finding a natural marsala as well as discovery 23 other beautiful natural colors.  I used six of those colors on four different materials to make each piece in this series.  I plan on introducing a new special edition color series in the fall that will features harvest dyes so stay tuned for that!

Keep an eye out for future posts on the 2015 Parliament Tour and new posts in the Natural Marsala blog series.  

Hope you enjoy my new collection and color series!